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Someone stop me!

I've gone 8 days of being super-disciplined about my strict diet of uber-healthy-food-only and less than 1000 calories a day. I've been happier and I feel healthier - I even look a little skinnier.

But right now I am feeling a super-intense craving to binge on sweets because I am having some serious doubts about my relationship. I am emotional, I can't stop thinking and over-analyzing, and I want some sort of comfort. I've already talked to someone about what's bothering me last night - but it's not holding me over! I want to eat a big, gooey 10 million calorie dessert right now. I don't have any sweets in the house right now - but I have to be at work in two hours where my FAVORITE dessert in the whole world is constantly passed under my nose. [[I work in a restaurant as a waitress.]]

I'm scared I'm going to binge because I want it so bad - but I know that if I do, I will screw up everything... all the effort I've made so far, gone. And I'll feel even worse than I already do now.

Please give me support.
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