bruised_but_not_broken (perfectpinup) wrote in stopbingeating,

day 3 on duromine....

ok well all was going well i tell you you really dont feel hungry at all on duromine you have to remember to eat something, but then i had netball tonight and i was running for 50 mins like i normally do every week so it shouldnt be an issue.......but it heart was beating like crazy it hurt, i was boiling with heat i thought i might pass out i couldnt keep running, then i went freezing with goosebu,ps at the same time ...doesnt feel good i pushed and pushed myself i felt really bad & i was scared its never happened before & i know for a fact its cuz of the duromine because its basically "legal" speed & it gets your metabolism going crazy i worried about that, im going to see how i get on next week and if its the same i may change positions to something not so strenuous while im on duromine. my heart does tin flutters to occasionally i dont like it ...these are the side effects though.

I have to be patient with this because its only the 3rd day and the 3rd of anything is hard....3rd mile of running...3rd day at school or work....3rd day on a new diet.....3rd days are the hardest you do well to conquer it....enough rambling.

goodnight x
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