faithy618 (faithy618) wrote in stopbingeating,


hey im new. can anyone tell me some good ways to distract myself from eating? comment plz...
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It depends on my mood but I usually read through some of the journals here or clean my house. The best way for me is to leave my house because I find if im home, I end up binging- also try to take a friend- lessens chance of binging on fast food while your out. Hope this helps. Good luck!
Try and find something to do with your hands to keep your mind off food.
I find playing an instrument & knitting really help.

If you live with your parents you could tell them you want to eat less and they'll hopefully keep you from eating.

You could try to keep yourself around people who you'd feel ashamed if they knew you overeat. Then you wouldn't want to eat infront of them, wouldn't you?

I hope this helps any.