anamyreligion (jessigurl_23) wrote in stopbingeating,

hey all

so i started the 28 day plan again cuz i full on binged again last night...
i succeeded finally......
all i had today is 90 calories.
i was under my 100 cal limit so im pleased. i had one jar of baby food 60 cals
and a couple of tea spoons of sugar free jelly would of made up like 3 cals cus the whole pack only has 9 cals.....
thats all for solids

then i had 3 sugar free energy drinks 8 cals each
and water for the rest of the day,
sooo there u have it.
... tomorro will be a better day cuz i made it throu today... day one is always the hardest. hence why i fuked it up yesterday.
oh well ive made peace with that because today is monday and i think its a good place to start a plan.......

hope u lovelies are doing well

ss tt and never give in to the temptation of food cuz ITS NEVER WORTH THE EMOTIONAL TURMOIL remember that next time u want to eat,,,, its just not worth it.
k laters xxxxxxxxx
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