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ive been in treatment for ana/mia before.  struggling now...i never stopped wanting to see my ribs, my hips, my shoulders.  help!  i need to get back on track and stop binging.  i hate purging so i dont want to have any reason to do it!  ana is the way to go...anyways, feedback is always much appreciated.  im pretty much here for an e.d. friend network.  thanks for taking the time to read this if you did...

height:  5'9"
age:  21
weight:  129-ish lately
HW:  160
LW:  125
GW:  120
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I completely know what you mean!
I used to restrict to under 500 everyday, and I lost quickly,
but then I started purging, and blah. Now I eat so much everyday, and am still gaining weight even though I'm purging.
It's like a cycle that neverrr stops.
I'm sorry you feel like this. :(